IB and AP 2014 Scores News!! (It’s Good:)

40% of students who received an IB Diploma scored 30 or higher!  That’s nearly 25% of the entire Diploma class and means they can start at a U.C. as a sophomore.  (Parents, you just saved thousands of dollars!)


IB English HL:  87% pass rate!

IB English SL:  100% pass rate!

IB Global:  100% pass rate!  (Mrs. Archer cried and probably hasn’t stopped shaking since she heard the news:)

IB Math Studies:  89% pass rate!

IB Environmental:  86% pass rate!

IB Spanish SL:  91% pass rate!

IB Spanish HL:  94% pass rate!

100% of the students who completed the work of the Theater exam passed and the scores for Higher Level Art are up!

AP Calculus:  Average score was a 3!

AP United States History:  Average score was a 3!

What does all this mean in the big picture for Charter Oak?

One of the key elements of Charter Oak’s success isn’t pass rates.  It’s how many students are willing to take on the challenges of AP and IB level courses.  Subject areas where scores are mixed are still seeing lots of gains even if the pass rates aren’t like those listed above because we have more students than ever stepping up to the challenge.  For example, the number of students taking SL English, HL French, HL Art and HL Math were all higher than years past.  More than ever students are leaving Charter Oak with the experiences and knowledge of the IB program and AP courses.  THIS is the reason we celebrate today.


All of this is a reflection of one of our core values at Charter Oak:  We raise students to higher levels of achievement no matter who they are or what their background is.  This value can’t be found in a policy, it must be found in the daily grind of the classrooms and recognized by every parent and student.  It must be cultivated and grown by choice and through hard work.  Thank you for living it out this year to the very end!!


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One Response to IB and AP 2014 Scores News!! (It’s Good:)

  1. Pamela Heins says:

    Thanks for the info Chris! Kudos to everyone who worked with the students!

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