Juniors….(How Do I Submit My CAS Work? – What is CAS anyway?)

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) is the volunteer part of the IB Program.  At CO it’s something we’re known for within our community as a part of the reputation of being a Charger.

Juniors, we haven’t talked about it much because it’s meant to be something you reflect on and learn about after you’ve had time to think about what you’ve been doing.  The Juniors I’ve talked to have all been busy volunteering – exceeding expectations!  Some through clubs, some through churches and city organizations, and many through sports at CO.  Here’s what you need to do to keep up:

1.  Visit https://iblong.org/submit-hours-and-reflections/

2.  Decide what category you want your hours to count for.  You have the freedom to choose between Creativity, Action, and Service.  Your choice may depend on what you learned while you were busy working or it may depend on the task you completed.

CREATIVITY – creating, making, writing, performing, designing, building, decorating…

ACTION – moving, building, helping, lifting, organizing, competing….

SERVICE – volunteering, assisting, helping, serving, cleaning, filing….

3.  Write your reflections in the spaces in the link above.  Short stories with details are best.

4.  Submit your reflections and the number of hours once or twice a month from now on.

5.  If it’s your first time you may “go back in time” to the summer and include those activities for this year.

6.  Email me with any questions while you’re working on the process.

7.  Here are a few guidelines to think about:

Hours don’t count if you are getting paid, are spreading your religious faith or views, or are getting a grade.

In athletics – games and matches count, practices don’t.  I trust you to estimate wisely.

You need to aim for about 75 hours during your Junior year and 75 hours your Senior year.

CAS is a requirement for your IB Diploma and Recognition at Senior Awards.

8.  Next semester you and I will meet to discuss your progress and answer questions.


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