Getting Your Scores To Your University

Sending your IB Scores:

If at the end of May you gave me the name of your college to send your scores I’ve already given the information to IB.  The scores are usually forwarded by the end of July.  Every college is different and if you expect your school to be the same as your friends schools you might be frustrated.

If I didn’t get the information regarding your college from you here’s how to do it.  (There’s nothing I can do to help you except send you to IB.)

Sending your AP Scores:

As Coordinator I have no ability to send scores or transcripts.  To learn how to send them start here.


Your teachers won’t have your IB scores until I provide them or you tell them what you got.  (Students have more access than they do!)  Teachers can’t grant you access to anything.  This is just my subtle reminder to be patient while everyone slowly gets information.

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One Response to Getting Your Scores To Your University

  1. Zaira Covarrubias says:

    Mr. Long I don’t remember if I gave you the name of my college…

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