Do you have access to your IB scores?

IB exam scores will be released next week.  I get the scores on the 5th and you’ll get them on the 6th.


You’ll need to visit with your PIN numbers and IB numbers to get your scores.  If you have questions I have your PIN numbers and can get them to you.

Do you know how to get your AP scores?

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2 Responses to Do you have access to your IB scores?

  1. iblong says:

    Deborah, here’s the answer from the CollegeBoard web site to your question:

    “As an AP student, you will automatically receive an AP Score Report by mail that lists your cumulative AP Exam scores and any colleges to which your scores were sent. You can also find information about score reporting services in the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents and in your AP Student Pack.”

    For more visit:

  2. Deborah Wang says:

    Do we get our AP scores by mail this year?

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